Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starbucks Tamarac Square...farewell

Last Friday saw the close of a Starbucks I have been frequenting since the inception of this ACW thing. It was a great destination. Easy bike access, great patio, sturdy rack to lock to in plain sight. We would often end up here at the end of moonlit winter night urban rides. Part of the vast 850 mile Denver trail network rolls up to the back side of the building. Paved trails that are paralleled and crossed with twisty singletrack made for some great rides. We rolled down there at least once on seemingly every type of bike we could pedal. Highweeler, folder, tandem, road, fixed, BMX, mountain, cross.

Anyhow. A very unfortunate combination of a mall that is long since past it's prime and the current economy have brought this particular location to it's knees. I knew it was coming and was honestly surprised to see they stuck it out as long as they did, but it still sucks. The big "Green" may get a bad rap, but damn it they brought coffee to the masses. They helped reintroduce the concept of cafe's as social meeting places. Yes they have maybe lost their way a bit and drifted out too far into the corporate sea...but there are more mom and pop shops alive and well today due in large part to them.

I rode there closing day for a last cup.

Cheers and thanks due.

Steam and Steel Cafe

Here is a point in the right direction.

The Steam And Steel Cafe

Friends of ACW Eric Dunn and Lyn Simon have opened a cafe in the beautiful town of Silverton Colorado. Serving up Kaladi coffee you'll find no better cup. And you could say they're bike friendly. Maybe just a little. If you're in the area, make a point to stop. Tell em who sent you.

*UPDATE 10/2/09* So I took out the link to the shop since it no longer is valid. The shop has been sold and I don't know any further details. Too bad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Mat

OK. So by some means or another you have found us.

Or we found you.

Regardless something happened yea?

I thought about starting the blog with some big wordy history of how this whole thing got started and who we are and such...

But let's just keep it simple. Short story is I (Brad, the one on the right) enthuse by various means: Art, cycling, motor bikes, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc, etc. My friend up there Jon (he's on the left dig?) also falls within many of the same outlets. We tend to plan out/meet/start and or end these adventures over coffee. You could say we are well caffeinated. Seemed all our friends in crime are too. Long back in 96 sitting over coffee, I sorta joked we were all associated by wheels and caffeine. Being visually oriented as I am, that came out on paper as a logo.

So from that point on in the manner of all secret underground societies, we have set out to conquer the world. One cup of coffee at a time. If you're here, you might just feel the same way.

This is all very serious and I think I should probably come up with some sort of manifesto and secret handshake. Because we are most certainly mogul types. All, "old-money, quite right, unleash the hounds" style. We'll send a memo.

Ride, live, love, and caffeinate hard my friends. You are in good company.

-Grand Poobah in charge of Marketing and Global Recruitment-