Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starbucks Tamarac Square...farewell

Last Friday saw the close of a Starbucks I have been frequenting since the inception of this ACW thing. It was a great destination. Easy bike access, great patio, sturdy rack to lock to in plain sight. We would often end up here at the end of moonlit winter night urban rides. Part of the vast 850 mile Denver trail network rolls up to the back side of the building. Paved trails that are paralleled and crossed with twisty singletrack made for some great rides. We rolled down there at least once on seemingly every type of bike we could pedal. Highweeler, folder, tandem, road, fixed, BMX, mountain, cross.

Anyhow. A very unfortunate combination of a mall that is long since past it's prime and the current economy have brought this particular location to it's knees. I knew it was coming and was honestly surprised to see they stuck it out as long as they did, but it still sucks. The big "Green" may get a bad rap, but damn it they brought coffee to the masses. They helped reintroduce the concept of cafe's as social meeting places. Yes they have maybe lost their way a bit and drifted out too far into the corporate sea...but there are more mom and pop shops alive and well today due in large part to them.

I rode there closing day for a last cup.

Cheers and thanks due.


BSR said...

I stopped by to say thanks for the pin -- I think I was in your original run. I'm still looking for the right bag to put it on (trying to fill a porteur rack).

I had no idea you were in Denver -- I'm over near Wash Park, but used to commute past Tamarac square on my way down to the Tech Center, and I have stopped at that Starbucks a couple of times....clean bathrooms!

So are you a Riv rider as well?

Brad said...

Great to hear from you! Yea Denver is the home base so to speak. Although when we started this whole gig we were in Elizabeth/Parker. We just got all metropolitan in our old age.

Yes on the Rivendell. I have several in the stable and many that come and go through the revolving door. However, since I picked up my Bleriot the collection has been disappearing. I find it's doing everything I need.

We should certainly meet up at some point!

BSR said...

Several in the stable? I haven't achieved that level of bike-nirvana yet. I do have a few coming and going, but not Rivs! I'm currently prepping an old Dahon folder for Craigslist, and a Mercian is being restored for eBay. Then I'm back down to two -- an Atlantis and an Bianchi Milano/Xtracycle that I do most of my shopping on.

I've only seen one Bleriot around here -- last year riding around Wash Park, and the young lady riding it had only had it a couple of weeks. There's an old-timer (well -- older than me, so REALLY old) that I've seen twice in this area with a Rambouillet, but he never seems to hear me yell after him. I always seem to be on foot walking the dog when I see him so I can't chase him down!

I lucked into my Atlantis two years ago -- was looking for a steel road bike for commuting & city riding, and test-rode an Atlantis at Campus Cycles. Went home to think about it, and a used one in my size popped up on eBay -- it had been there 4 minutes and had an absurdly reasonable buy-it-now price. I took it as a sign, and grabbed it. I've never been happier with a bike! The last owner lived in Wisconsin and had several Rivs and was selling his "2nd" Atlantis. He definitely took good care of it, as this bike was pristine before I started commuting on it! It has a few scratches and dings now, but I'm hoping to keep this one until I can't ride any more!

So where do you normally hang out and get coffee?

Brad said...

Oh no...only one Riv. I worded that WAY wrong. I have a total mix of bikes. Older Colnago road, A mountain bike, an old Bridgestone MB-3 I got from Jon that I am slowly getting back into shape, and then a Peugeot UO-8. But honestly the Bleriot is the only bike I've ridden this year.

Usually we kick around at Kaladi Brothers down off evans and gilpin in the DU area. I may actually roll over there in the morning @ 8ish.

BSR said...

I'm actually not a Kaladi fan. When I moved here two years ago I was initially excited to find a roaster that close to my house (I'm near South High, so hopping down Franklin to Evans is very easy.) But after trying several blends and varietals, I'm convinced they over-roast. Not as badly as Daz-Bog, but worse than Starbucks.

No offense, if you love it...I've gotten picky about espresso beans over the last few years, and am still looking for a local source. Currently I order Black-Cat from Intelligentsia in Chicago. I would LOVE to find a closer, cheaper place where I didn't have to pay shipping!

Big Oak said...

Coffee shops and other place where people gather to chat are what holds a community together. Congratulations on your association, and also on the blog. Nice discussion about bikes, too. Maybe someday I'll be a Rivendell owner, but for now I'm happy with the bikes I have.