Thursday, September 3, 2009

That's How We Roll

Someone asked me the other day, how to become a member of the Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen.

I said, "First, ride a bike. That makes you a wheelman. (And despite the "man" we are most certainly co-ed. Think man in broad terms like human.) Second, drink something with caffeine in it. Coffee, tea, Diet Coke...whatever. That makes a caffeinated wheelman.

Now, do these things with someone else. You are associating with another caffeinated wheelman. Voila, you have your own Chapter of the Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen!"

Wherever I hang my hat is my home

To that end, Carol and Dave joined me, Saturday, on a coffee ride. A coffee ride is exactly what it sounds like: No agenda, no schedule, no tour itinerary. Just ride from coffee shop to coffee shop, deciding which one to hit next, as you go. Make some detours, along the way, if you feel like it. Dave and I rode our fixed gears, and Carol rocked her Green Hornet single speed.

We started by meeting the Grand Poobah and the Princess at Kaladi Bros. They were unable to join us on the ride (the Princess is only 2-1/2 years old, so she's not quite in that mode, yet), but we spent an enjoyable time with them, drinking coffee and playing with magnetic letter blocks on the metal table top.

Once we left KB, the three of us headed north, with a vague plan to maybe check out Wash Perk. Unfortunately, due to my less than stellar navigational skills, we rode past it, and ended up heading for Pablo's on Sixth. (Which was fine, since Brad and I got over to Wash Perk on Sunday.)

Along the way, we made one of those detours that I mentioned, and stopped at a yard sale. We made some purchases, set them around the corner of the house to be retrieved later with the truck (chairs, etc.), and continued on.

These two guys were shopping the same yard sale we stopped at

As we rounded the corner onto Sixth, heading toward Pablo's, I heard Carol say something behind me. Then, I heard Carol yell something, and I looked around. Her tire had gone flat while we were at the yard sale, and she was trying to keep me from riding away. The operative theory is that the guy with the StingRay had an icepick.

Dave and Carol enjoy iced vanilla latte's...while I fix Carol's flat

One of the alleys off of 7th, on the way to St. Mark's. Someday, I'd like to do a Tour deAlley in Denver

The flowers are beautiful in Cheesman Park

Not all of the beverages consumed were caffeinated, I was really enjoying a nice apricot ale, at St. Mark's

Oldest Chrome bag in captivity. I got it at the BIO show, in Vegas, in 1994!

From St. Mark's, we wended our way back to my house to get the truck and retrieve the yard sale treasures. Total time out: 5 hours. Total time on bikes: ~1.5 to 2 hours. Total caffeine consumption: 40 oz. black coffee, 48 oz. iced vanilla latte'. Total miles: ? (I don't have a cyclometer on the fixed gear, and it's not the point of the ride, anyway).

Have your own Association meeting, and let us know about it.

Jonny X


katina said...

OR you can just associate with other caffeinated wheelmen online. :)

I think I'm supposed to do a lunch-time ride tomorrow. Blah. unlike most, I'm looking at riding my bike as "ride my bike instead of driving my car" and not necessarily "ride my bike to some place to spend money because we're in a competition that we're never going to win, but we still got to make a good showing"

katina said...



m e l i g r o s a said...

hey! those two random guys are cute! ok, you all too esp. with your caffeinated skills <3
and damn, nice chrom bag. those are the good oG ones! like Zo bags out here