Monday, September 28, 2009

With love from San Francisco.

Here is a guest post from our west coast caffeinated wheelwoman ♥ meligrosa!

I look forward for the weekends so I can be up and running before most of my peers for a sole purpose, go get coffee. I make my own coffee half of the time, because half of the amazing rewards of caffeine, is the ritual of going to a coffee shop.
Speaking of ritual, here in San Francisco we are very lucky to have such fine coffee shops, roasters and cafes, and one of them is Ritual Coffee Roasters.

Like a bee to honey, this square of goodness was calling my name from the bike lane on the opposite side of the street...

I had not heard of this coffee shop in the Inner Sunset. I happened to spot the above flashing sign (in my head) and decided to stop by. The machine is a beautiful La Marzorcco and the beans used are the above mentioned, Ritual Coffee Roasters. The place is a gem. There is every little cute little thing any hand-made soap loving person would love. I personally fell in love with the little creatures they had around, from bugs, crickets, especially this wooden bird that I think I will buy as a self-gift next time, perhaps.

coffee bird

It's the little things.

I sat down my caffeinated partner for the day, it was a rather foggy but not cold, Saturday. Not necessarily under the 'heat wave' status we had falsely been warned. Maybe outside San Francisco limits the weather was blazing. Not here. I had already imagined myself sipping ice Americanos in the afternoon, just in case. I ordered a macchiato and it was good. Short, strong and with room for more coffee in a couple of hours. It is Saturday, after all.


The sitting area is small. Shortly after I took the below image, a good looking young man sat next to us and read the paper. That is always a good score with me, newspaper (and not an iphone!), his bicycle outside and coffee. Indeed, it is the small details.

take a seat

This was a nice discovery. After that I treated my stomach to some good food and continued to ride the day away. Some friends just don't understand the need for so much coffee, but they go along for the ride. That is nice, because coffee with friends on weekends is always super! ♥Cheers!!
summer sky

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Thanks meli, this was splendid!


Rat Trap Press said...

Great post. Meligrosa has plenty of interesting coffee houses to visit out there. Unfortunately for us in Fort Worth, the choices are limited. Hopefully that will change soon.

Dottie said...

Beautiful! I love all Meli's posts on Bikes and the City - girl knows how to live!

Jon said...


Thanks for dropping by. I'll be reviewing some SF coffee, soon, myself.


katina said...

I like that tree-metal looking thing.

m e l i g r o s a said...

oh you are very welcome, I'm very happy for this honorary caffeinated guest contribution :D
&thanks all for the nice comments :D


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